Snaptroid APK for iPhone & Android (Tweakload, Approcket)
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Snapdroid is a social media app where you can send and show photos and videos to your friends. You can also share your status and show it to your friends by writing captions to your posts. There are many types of security features in this app, such as when you post a photo and someone takes a screenshot of your photo, you will be fully informed through a message that someone is taking a screenshot of your photo.


origin of up
The main advantage of snapdroid up is that anything seems to be status only for a short period of time. You’ll be able to custom control how long your post will remain visible to people. In this app you can see daily events and lifestyle of Mara in a better way. By sharing photos and videos, you can tell your friends what you are doing now and what kind of lifestyle you are leading.

Snaptroid App APK Download 7.0 Photo Optimization App

best features
Snapdroid App has the following features which cannot be seen in any other social media app. There are many types of unique filters and stickers available in these build camera stickers of this app, by applying them all you can look more beautiful and unique. You can look extremely beautiful just by applying filters to your photos and videos.

Snaptroid APK for Android & iPhone (Tweakload, Approcket)

Chatting and video calling
In this social media platform, you can communicate with your friends through messaging, chatting and video calling. This allows you to talk to all your friends at the same time by doing group video calling to have a simultaneous conversation between more than one friend.

photos video timing
You can upload your valuable photos and videos on social media and you can also delete them at your desired time. Through this app, for how long which post will remain on the internet and whether people will be able to see it or you will decide. You can remove your photos and videos from status in just one click.

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